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Meet Rose and Ryan

Rose and Ryan

I have never considered myself a "jewelry person". But lockets have drawn me in since I was tiny. Lockets can hold a secret, a feeling, a memory, an essence. They can hold your heart if you are intentional about them. Putting on a meaningful piece of jewelry in the morning can remind you who you are, who loves you, and what you mean to do in life. 

I like the idea of lockets but finding one that fits my vision is a fruitless headache. When I got sick of digging through heaps of heart-shaped trinkets with childish designs and sappy phrases online, I decided to design my own. I also began a line of whimsical, dainty charms to complement each locket and add in extra layers of meaning. My brilliant husband Ryan took on everything else about setting up a business, and here we are, in Boston, Massachusetts with a lovely pile of lockets to offer.

What do I hope our lockets bring to you? As time goes on Ryan and I have seen with our own eyes that there is much in life that doesn't matter at all. Day after day rolls on and we wake up and work and stress and love through it all; lay down our heads then lift them up again. Our days are filled with a million things to do and none of those things is to look around and feel wonder and joy. A locket can help you stop and remember. Each time you take it off and put it on, or feel its weight around your neck, you are gifted a few moments to be mindful about how you are living each day.

Nobody will compel you to stop cooking dinner and look into your daughter's eyes, as she whines, "Mommy hold me!"

Nor to lie in bed next to your husband as the sun comes up, not yet sure if you are awake, or why you are awake, but glad you are in bed, and can stay in bed.

Nor to sit and listen, listen hard, listen like it's the last time, as Grandma tells you again about falling in love with Grandpa, and chuckles at the end of her story, "you know, that's how it was in those days!"

I love that a locket can capture some of those moments you never want to forget and carry them close to your heart. It represents a promise to remember and invite those experiences to change you. I hope you fill your locket with the moments, people and sentiments that are in your heart. I hope you find our charms helpful in telling your stories.

In the end, our lockets are just another trinket. But when you design it to be a physical reminder of what truly matters to you, it becomes a steadying token to grip as you whirl through your wonderful life.